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eCrystals alpha Bugs Tracker


  • Very High - critical failure of eCrystals or EPrints platform resulting in critical loss of data
  • High - major loss of data though a repeatable process (i.e. incorrect code)
  • Medium - minor loss of data (i.e. cryptic code)
  • Low - misleading (or no) user feedback (EPrints notice, warning and error messages), cosmetic issues, CSS and HTML formatting
  • Very Low - spelling and grammar errors


Bugs Tracker
# Filename Severity Description Submission Date
1. /opt/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component/ Low No user feedback for InChI and CheckCIF methods 05/12/2008
2. /opt/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/Import/ High Unable to upload new eCrystal from XML file (found "eprint" element, expecting "eprints" collection element) 05/12/2008
3. /bin/ecrystals/ Very High No command line arguments validation 08/12/2008
4. /bin/ecrystals/ Medium Cryptic-code, use of $file_path and $file_in variables 08/12/2008
5. /bin/ecrystals/ Very High Calls to length() are NOT safe for UNICODE/UTF-8 files 08/12/2008
6. /bin/ecrystals/ Very High No error handling for call to wget 08/12/2008
7. /bin/ecrystals/ Low Explain TCP message boundaries in comments 08/12/2008
8. /bin/ecrystals/cronrun(.sh) Very High Script uses absolute paths (re-write as ../../bin/command or ~eprints/bin/command 08/12/2008
9. /bin/ecrystals/doi(.php) Medium Re-write as Perl 08/12/2008
10. /bin/ecrystals/ Medium Cryptic code (requires comments and descriptions) 08/12/2008
11. /bin/ecrystals/ Very High No command line arguments validation 08/12/2008
12. /bin/ecrystals/ Very High No error checking for call to InChI executable 08/12/2008
13. /bin/ecrystals/ Medium Script output is not documented. (i.e. script prints InChI identifier for supplied file.) 08/12/2008
14. /bin/ecrystals/ Very High This class is NOT a module. Rename to .pl 08/12/2008
15. /bin/ecrystals/ Very High No command line arguments validation 08/12/2008
16. /bin/ecrystals/ Medium Cryptic code for looping over letters #65 to #90 08/12/2008
17. /bin/ecrystals/ Medium Cryptic code for writing HTML keyword files 08/12/2008

Quick Fixes

Hard-coded Strings - Replace quoted strings like /opt/eprints3 with:

 use EPrints::SystemSettings;
 $EPrints::SystemSettings::conf->{'base_path'}; # evaluates to "/opt/eprints3"
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