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Welcome to the eCrystals Federation Project pages

This project will establish a solid foundation of crystallography data repositories accross an international group of partner sites, with metadata harvested by a number of aggregrator services. Building on eBank Phase 3 results, partners will work together to;

- integrate and embed the open data repository approach into current research practice by engaging data centres, librarians, researchers, publishers and third party information providers

- harmonise the metadata application profiles from repositories operating on different platforms

- investigate aggregation issues arising from harvesting metadata from repositories within the networked information environments

- enable the Federation of institutional archives to interoperate with international subject archives (IUCr and CCDC) and other third party harvesters

- develop approaches to the preservation and curation of scientific data in open repositories

The project is led by the UK National Crystallography Service at the University of Southampton with core partners at UKOLN (University of Bath), the Digital Curation Centre and the Unilever Centre (University of Cambridge).

The following organisations are supporting partners of the project: The International Union of Crystallography, The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, The Royal Society of Chemistry, The Chemical Database Service, Chemistry Central, StORe, CLADDIER, The Research Information Network, ReciprocalNet, ARCHER, The Molecular and Materials Structure Network and University of Sydney, The Science and Technology Facilities Council, The University of Glasgow and Newcastle University.

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