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"New Routes to Crystallographic Data Publication"

August 23rd 2008, Osaka, Japan

A full-day workshop organised by Simon Coles (Chair) and Mike Hursthouse (University of Southampton, UK), John Huffman (Indiana University, USA), Peter Strickland (IUCr), Frank Allen (CCDC) and John Westbrook (PDB).

Aimed at initiating a wide-ranging debate on new routes for the effective and efficient dissemination of the ever-increasing volume of crystallographic raw and results data, as a complementary approach to the conventional route of publication of scientific journal articles, this event is aimed at:

a) raising awareness of innovative procedures under development for data dissemination and the new opportunities they can provide for publication,

b) enabling groups working in the area to compare approaches and develop a unified strategy for data management, including publication and preservation and

c) inviting participation in this topic from interested parties.

The Workshop Proposal can be read Media:IUCrXXI_workshop_outline.pdf here in pdf format.

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